House of Bricks

Monday, 26 March 2012

Everyone's talking about.....PETER PILOTTO!

In my very humble and unbiased but slightly biased opinion...I really believe that Peter Pilotto is one of those designers to watch. Having been interning for this amazing company since early January, I have completed the transaction from a fan of the label to an employee, the studio is one of the best and happiest places that I have worked in so far! The people are amazing and the clothes are really inspiring and if I could, I would wear their clothes all day everyday. Peter and Christopher the main designers are really lovely characters and the whole environment is really creative and infectiously exciting!
We are currently working upto London Fashion Week and I am loving everyday. The cut and prints used in the garments are beautifully thought about and incredibly flattering. The spring/summer looks are so current and on trend with the whole sporty fashion thing which seems to be coming through at the moment.

Monday, 5 March 2012


I am getting quite into the whole punky, tartan, DM, stud/spike thing at the moment....not sure whether it's a rebellious thing like the original punks but still it's something new to investigate so it's fun for me! I got some amazing double ended......spike earrings from topshop the other day which I love, and they were a bargain, and I got to pay for them with a christmas topshop voucher so they were practically FREE!!!

Here are some of the really amazing spiked or studded things that I couldn't help but fall in love with recently...some of them affordable....some of them not so much!
Oh well.