House of Bricks

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Chalk and ease.

Ok so having re-watched 500 days of summer yesterday and obviously falling madly back in girl-love with Zooey Deschanel, i remembered about the guy in it (the one from 10 things i hate about you) had a massive wall in his apartment painted with blackboard paint. Wow. this just seems like the most obviously amazing idea, i feel a bit confused as to why everybody doesn't have at least one wall of their house painted with this? it would be perfect for lists, random acts of creativity, pictionary, messages, new words we've learnt, keeping score of the darts games etc.... the possibilities are endless.
It has already been decided, i think that this is going to be the first thing that me and Georgia do when we move into our flat, before the furniture, the internet, the tv...whatever as long as we have a massive blackboard, i'm happy.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

oh what lovely walls you have..

Following on from the furniture and interior excitement, i thought that the next thing to address was the whole wall issue. So the best and most fun solution is wallpaper! There are some really fun prints around at the moment, some more pricey than others. One designer who i love is Deborah Bowness, i first saw her work at one of the commissions which she did for a lovely fashion boutique near Angel and Islington called 'Labour of Love' this is one of her more simple designs, which sits perfectly in this charming little boutique!

She also has some slightly bolder and more statement designs which i have fallen head over heels for, the vintage lamp ones, the chair designs and all of the industrial filing cabinets and bookshelves (basically all of them!) are pure genius! i am just sad that i can probably only stretch to one roll so it is going to have to be put right in he middle of the room with lights all around it to draw attention!! maybe i can buy one every year and build up my collection...hmm. Maybe not, i am very impatient!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

She moves the furniture.

I was looking for furniture and interior design inspiration the other day and found this awesome blog, it is a really creative collection of examples of how to develop a really unique and fun interior for the home. It includes ideas such as using outdoor furniture inside, using random objects as pieces of furniture and also restoring odd pieces of furniture into something new and exciting! I feel so old now that things like furniture and wallpaper are so fascinating to me but i guess that's all part of becoming a grown-up. It also comes down to the fact that me and Georgia are looking to move into our new pad in a few weeks and we have, so far, 2 chairs, 4 glasses, 2 mugs, about 30 books and 2 bunnies. We need to get onto the furniture ladder but since we are both skint and don't have much time, it seems that ikea is calling but i really want to try to avoid that inevitability for as long as possible and get some really interesting pieces when we can. The idea of using an old industrial spool as a table got me really excited and as they're pretty easy to find at most warehouses and are pretty much rubbish, this should be an easy and cheap addition to our new home.
Here are some examples of really beautiful ideas and design work: