House of Bricks


I have been working as a Designer and Artworker for Moonpig from October 2012 during which time, I have had the chance to design various card and gifting ranges as well as learning how to input artwork and work alongside other publishers and licenses.

Here is some examples of some of the work that I have produced....

Neo-Digi Range


Wonderfully Weird...

Humour Ranges



Father's day;

Valentine's Day:


Valentine's T-shirts, Male:

Collaborations with other Publishers...

Disney, Tinkerbell movie 2013:

T-Shirt Designs:

Mug Designs:

Collaboration with Artist Dewi Morris:

Card Designs:

T-Shirt Designs:

Mug Designs:

Over the past couple of years, I have been freelancing as an artist, selling works of art and commisioning some pieces too. I create paintings using an inkpad and my own fingerprints. I began doing portraits but have since finished a landscape piece.

I also, occassionally switch the media that I work in to colour pencil as I really enjoy working in colour sometimes but am restricted when using ink to black and white pieces.

3RD YEAR of University....

3. Final Major Project

a. Final Magazine

b. Development Sketchbook

I have been creating a sketchbook which contains all of my edited down research for this final major project. I have really enjoyed selecting the images which I feel are the most important and then playing around with them to create interesting layouts and compositions. The sketchbook was about 85 pages long and was divided into different sections for- Creative Influences, Collaboration, Styling, Layout and Interior.

It really helped me to get my priorities in order for this project and pick the elements that I find the most important and what aspects of the project that I wanted to explore further. Here are a few examples of the layout techniques which I used.....

c. Interior Images

As another aspect of this Final Major Project, I decided that I wanted to carry on from what my blog and magazine are about and actually design the idea of the boutique that I one day hope to start up with my sister Georgia, in Brighton. It was really difficult but also alot of fun to design the interior of the shop. The idea was to mix all types of vintage, art deco, industrial and contemporary designs together and see what I ended up with. I really like the overall collaged feel as it isn't perfect and some of the angles don't quite match or look a bit squewed but it works well with the rest of my work in that it is quite rough and thrown together but still edited down and really well thought about.
I created different angles of how i imagine the shop to look and also included a couple of ideas for the changing room:

d. Styling Photoshoot- Make me laugh then

This photoshoot is about mixing homewear elements with a combination of vintage and newly designed garments. I used the work of three third year designers here at Birmingham City University and combined these pieces with other high quality vintage garments. I then used homewear pieces as accessories to add elements of fun and humour. I did this photoshoot in the photo studio at Uni as i wanted a really stark background to make the shapes and colours of the garments really stand out.
The photographer was a freelance guy called Lee Potter who I found on Gumtree and the model is my housemate Zadie who is an absolute corker. She was amazing at this and all of the garments and poses worked really well, I was really happy with the outcome and think that it is really refreshing.

Final Images:

e. Styling Photoshoot- What do you want me to do?

This photoshoot is one of the elements to go into my final major project. I am creating a magazine and so wanted to create a few different styled shoots to add to the concept of the magazine. The idea of the Zine is to promote young, emerging talent and general creativity whilst combining this innovation with interesting and high quality vintage pieces. It is all about old meets new, giving old things a new life and also keeping up with the constant influx of new creative talent.

This photoshoot uses only vintage clothing which I managed to acquire from a number of sources, friends and contacts. It is about having fun and not taking fashion too seriously.

The shoot was taken all around the various areas of Digbeth, just outside Birmingham City Centre. I am a bit obsessed with old walls and varying textures at the moment and there are some really beautiful walls and doors around the area. I went down to Digbeth a few days before the shoot and selected the various locations that i wanted to use. I then roped my friend Rosie in to help with the styling and photography and her friend Ifrah kindly agreed to model. I think that it is really important to use normal people as models as I really like how vulnerable and personal it is. I wanted to use someone with a really interesting style and a quirky, individual look and Ifrah was perfecto!

Here are the final images that I ended up with:

2. Trend Forecasting

This Project was about predicting new trends and trying to gain some sort of understanding of where trends come from and how they come about. My trend that I predicted, was all about having fun with fashion and taking inspiration from festival fashion. I went to Bestival last year and it really inspired me how people feel like they can just wear whatever they want and not feel stupid or like they are being judged. It made me question why we can't always feel like that. I get that everyone was probably a bit tipsy in some form or another and everyone was concentrationg on having a good time but when I looked back at some of the photos taken of my friends at the festival, I was really inspired!
I created a sketchbook out of these photographs and also other beautiful imagery that has affected me or inspired me along the way throughout my life. Corinne Day is one of my favourite photographers and so i included some of her work. As well as this, I tried to refer back to the fun, youthful memories of my childhood and these all collaboratively became the basis of my sketchbook.
Here are a few of those pages:

Having completed this sketchbook, I then had the choice of whether to create an 8 page spread for a magazine of illustrations or do a styling photoshoot. As my trend lent itself to a bit of humour and also to the layering of photography with illustration, I decided to use my original photos of Bestival (the main inspiration for my trend) and then to illustrate on top of them to create a really fun and energetic theme. These are the final illustrations which I ended up with:


2. Advanced Adobe

This project was all about learning how to create illustrations using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. We had to shoose a photoshoot which we loved and then try to illustrate from that using different forms of vector illustration and pained illustrations. I chose this Vogue shoot called 'Light and Fantastic' because I think that it is really fun and I love the colours and accessories.

These are the photos from the Vogue editorial:

We had to illustrate from these images and then come up with our own concepts for a few A3 boards.
I struggled a bit with Adobe Illustrator at the beginning but quickly got the hang of the vector illustration technique.
These are the final boards which I ended up with.......

I wanted to add a bit of humour to my work so I added odd props and other imagery. I am really proud of the outcome and love the way in which the illustrations are layered up with the use of acid tones and colour blocking.

1. Obviously Doctor, you've never been a 15 year old girl.

This project was a styling shoot which we could base on pretty much anything that we wanted. I chose to use the book 'The Virgin Suicides' and instead of focusing on the 60s girly fashion, I looked into the isolation and melancholy that a lot of the book seems to speak about. I looked into the different forms of isolation and from this different illnesses such as depression and schitzophrenia. I always use my friends in my photoshoots instead of models as I find it far more inspirational and love the vulnerability that a non-professional model brings to the camera.
The shoot took place in a friend's house and then in a park in Leeds in the early evening. I wanted the lighting to be slightly eerie and a bit sinister.

These are the images which I ended up with.....