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Friday, 30 December 2011

Teatum Jones Yes Please

This is an amazing design duo that I heard about from a friend. Their work is beautiful, elegant and so effortless. I would wear any of their stuff in a heartbeat.....I'll leave you with their own biography and an amazing array of their designs...

Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones are the 
Designers behind the label Teatum Jones.

Having trained in womenswear at Ravensbourne College of Design and Central Saint Martin’s respectively, they previously worked for Luella Bartley, Warren Noronha and John Richmond.

Teatum and Jones met whilst working together on menswear and they became enamoured with one another’s sense of escapism. 

Besotted with the power of a story and drawn to both romance and tragedy the duo find themselves compelled to seek out beauty and refinement in what is ordinarily considered sinister or dark.

The Designers are conceptual in their approach to design whilst remaining loyal to an ethos of authenticity, desirability and quality. Fascinated by human behaviour and exchanges, Teatum and Jones’ signature is within their anthropological approach to design and fashion.

The Teatum Jones woman has a refined and contemporary take on elegance. She is inadvertently chic yet boldly nonchalant. She is drawn to the label because it allows her to achieve the perfect balance between masculine and feminine. Embodying the effortlessness and ease of the pieces, the Teatum Jones woman embraces the conceptual whilst radiating a contemporary elegance. 

Having made the decision to launch their own label, Teatum and Jones spent several years researching and developing their ideas for what they envisioned as a contemporarily relevant womenswear brand. After being chosen as one of the 10 finalists for the Fashion Fringe competition in 2009, they launched their debut womenswear collection for SS11 in London, September 2010. They are extremely proud to be launching their third collection for SS12 on schedule in London fashion week.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Emilie Lashmar. We Love You.

This is one of my very close friends who is ultra talented and super keen to get her name out there and her work seen by lots and lots of different people. She is always drawing and taking amazing photographs, I love her work because it is really honest and personal. Rarely does she draw people or objects that aren't sentimental to her and to me this is really important. I am still waiting on a drawing of me but a girl can dream!

She has also done some work for small fashion companies which I thought deserved a mention because they are also very lovely.

I hope you like....

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Circus Kinetic...waaaaaaa?!

An amazing accessory designer called Circus Kinetica in Brighton has just started selling her beautiful creations at the gem that is Snooper's Paradise, I won't say anything about them cause they are just amazing and if I could get away with wearing one of these tiaras everyday I'd probably buy the lot and live off peas and ketchup or something...( well, I do LOVE peas).

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


At this time of year, I get a bit sad and depressing so to make me feel better I try to bring the summer's all about chair colour inspired by all the colours of the rainbow, note that brown, black and blonde don't really fall into that category!
Shopping in the hippy shops in Brighton, I stumbled upon this little's semi permanent so it washes out and fades after a few days but the more it washes out, the more the colour merges with your natural hair colour and in my humble opinion it just gets better and better!

I went for the pastel pink, cause i've been reallly wanting that grey kind of pink for ages and was also worried about the whole warm pink going a bit ginge but it still went a peachy colour but it's amazing!! The more I washed it the nicer the colour went so I really could not rave about this anymore....sad as I sound, it's a frickin steal as well at around a fiver a pot you can mismatch to your hearts play play!