House of Bricks

Saturday, 30 April 2011


Here are some pics of the amazing photoshoot that we did today....well i don't mean to blow my own trumpet but i am rather pleased with the outcome. It was such an amazing day so that was great, and Ifrah was incredible, she was really natural and fun which worked perfectly. All the clothes fitted and the different locations look really good...well, here are a few of the pictures that we got.

Friday, 29 April 2011

What's in the wardrobe?

I am doing another photoshoot tomorrow and....i have been going through the clothes that i seem to have collected from different places and people. I am starting to put looks together in my head so that i kind of know what styling i am going for. My friend Rosie i acting as the photographer and Ifrah, her friend is kindly taking on the role of 'model.' It is supposed to be a lovely sunny day, so we are going to head down to Digbeth and use some of those beautiful old walls that i went and visited last week as the location. It is gonna be a really fun and carefree shoot, we are just driving around in rosie's car and using that as our dressing room so it really better be sunny otherwise the shoot is off. Fingers crossed!
I haven't done any illustrations for a while so i thought...why not start drawing some of the clothes that i definitely want to use tomorrow and then go from there.
All of the garments are going to be vintage and so yep, here is a little taster....

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ifrah Khan....Model management.

I have managed to persuade my friend Rosie's friend Ifrah to model for me, i chose her for this shoot because she has a really unusual look, with her piercings and unique haircut. She is also really petite which is important because alot of the garments that i want to use are really tiny. Her skin is amazing and she has a really great bone structure which helps!
She also has a really cool style so i want to get her input into elements of the styling, she is pretty chilled out and fun so it shouldn't be a problem that she has to get changed in the back of a car. I hope.

Here are a few pics of her in her natural habitat.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Laid out.

I am trying to create a sketchbook at the moment for some uni work. It is supposed to show all of my edited and most relevant research. I want to create a really fun and interesting way to look through the research because it can all get a bit boring and problem is getting a good balance of imagery, writing and then blank space, i don't want to overcrowd the pages. Ha, sorry just read that and it sounds realllly dull. oh well, i will shut up now, here are some layout examples that i have been playing around with...

Monday, 25 April 2011

Supermarket Sarah inspired...

I had to come up with a concept board for Uni which is supposed to outline my ideas for my project. I decided to design it in the style of a Supermarket Sarah wall as i think that these are a really lovely ways of showcasing either a random assortment of objects and items or designer's pieces. If House of Bricks (our soon to be boutique) had a Supermarket Sarah wall.....i believe that it would look something like this:

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Obviously doctor you've never been a 14 year old girl...

I thought i would share some more of my work which i have done during my fashion design degree....this is a second year styling shoot that i did which was based on the idea of isolation. I started the project by reading 'The virgin suicides' which then led me to start thinking about suburban america and the isolation and loneliness which a lot of the book is about. That odd melancholic feeling between happiness and misery...oh god i am starting to sound all arty and waffley now so i will shut up. ha.

Here are some of the images that i took throughout the day and at the end are the ones which i chose and edited as my final images....

Oh yer, my annoyingly stunning friend Eliza modelled for me and the photos were taken up in Leeds.

Final Images....

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Locational Musings.

For my next photoshoot I am trying to come up with some location ideas andddd i thought, well i am at uni in Birmingham and i reallly can't lugg loads of clothes to London or anywhere that far, so i went just down the road to Digbeth. It was a lovely sunny day and i wondered down to all the old derelict warehouses and industrial buildings with my £5.99 disposable camera from Boots. The result was some really beautiful location backdrops. I have developed a massive love of walls, i know, how dull do i sound! walls? really?
haha. yer so here are some of the pictures that i ended up with. Please be sad and lame and get excited too?!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Logo gogo....

I never realised how impossible it is to design logos...they have to be so simple but still reflect the company perfectly! Luckily i have enlisted the trusty help of my friend and graphics design student Amy, we have had many a late night conversation on what the logo should be like and what colours and ideas it should include. It is slowly driving me insane but we have started getting somewhere, here is a very vague idea on how it is going so far.....

Monday, 18 April 2011


sooooo... for my Uni project i have already said a thousand times but...i am creating a magazine and so i thought, what successful fashiony publication doesn't have styling shoots and then i realised that of course i had to do some and also i thought it would be super fun! So...along with the help of aspiring fashion photographer Lee Potter, lovely assistant stylist Sarah Nickolds and my beautiful but ever modest housemate Zadie Snape (yer, that's in Harry Potter..pah. enough.)
Soo, yep i booked a studio at Uni and grabbed loads of vintage garments from wherever i could get my hand on and headed for uni. The idea of the shoot was to mix vintage and contemporary fashion so i pooped upto see my friends who study Fashion Design and took some of their looks which they have been creating over the past few months (see previous post).
We then put some ideas for looks together and headed down to start the shoot. It was all a bit crazy and manic but really fun none the less, i seem to work better under a bit of pressure!
Soo, i also wanted to include some home accessories in with the styling of the shoot but wanted to have fun and combine all the different elements in a really silly, non-pretentious way aaaaannnnndddddd, this is what we ended up with!