House of Bricks

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Silken Flavours. Says it all.

This fashion accessories label plays around with the idea of taking those images associated with girlishness and youthfulness whilst trying to make these ideas more contemporary and fashionable. This has enabled the brand to come up with their own unique niche whilst still appealing to that elegant femininity that still appeals to all of us ladies!

Silken Favours hand drawn illustrative prints takes the cutesy and the kitsch and warp them to compose contemporary pieces of artwork that can be worn and treasured forever.

Victoria Murdoch is the creative talent and creator behind Silken Favours. An outstanding print designer, she takes a playful and warm-hearted approach to her subjects. Finding her inspiration in the natural world, Vicki uses traditional, intricate and very time-consuming pen and ink techniques, evoking imagery that is both otherworldly yet
reassuringly familiar.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Chinti and Parker.

This emerging fashion label is known for creating basic garments with incredible fabrics and lovely twee quirks. I have been a huge fan of this brand for a while as whenever I wear anything from this company I feel effortlessly glam and for me that is a real rarity!
The fabrics which this company uses are organic and natural and although they are real statement pieces, they are still so easy to dress up or down. The cottons, cashmeres and wools are all of an amazing quality and despite the quite simple silhouettes and shapes of the pieces they all feel elegant and sophisticated.