House of Bricks

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Oh Comley....

This is an awesome publication which is all about introducing creative and exciting ideas! The magazine style is really unique and fun. The layout is really fresh and clean with quite a minimal look to it, it uses nice feminine handwriting throughout with gives it a really lovely, sensitive and personal touch. It has adopted really charming page ideas such as, including the music that the people involved in creating the magazine listened to for each issue and the food they ate. It also interviews people in a really informal and friendly way which makes the articles quite conversational and more interesting to read. There is always really unusual and unpredictable content and really nice ideas to inspire the reader creatively.
The magazine mentions creative talents from all over the country and includes photographers, illustrators, boutique owners and many other creative talents from various industries...i can't sing their praises enough!
sooo, when looking for layout ideas and general style inspiration as far as publications goes, this one has really done well...bravo!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Anthony and the Johnsons....hello.

This is an awesome book which uses really beautiful photography and illustration combined. The layout is very minimal and it really is something to look at and get inspired by.

to quote amazon...
'It was created by Antony of Antony and the Johnsons. The book pres­ents his debut collection of visual art, thought-provoking dreamscapes composed of paintings, drawings, photogra­phy, collage, song lyrics, and writings. Often fragmentary images, these pieces capture liminal states and elements of the unconscious. Some images are reclaimed and reconfigured in order to transcend their previous form. The intersecting mediums inform each other and create an interesting dialogue with Antony’s music, his creative muse, and personal mythology.'

Also, it comes with a free copy of the bands new album. Gotta love a freebie. (well, kind of free).

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

What a Lava Palava.

Me and Georgia are looking for furniture at the moment to put into our new abode and its all pretty exciting. Well, we are on quite a strict budget having not even bought beds or a sofa yet. But a massive lava lamp seems far more exciting and practical. So, we have been looking at different ones, it's kind of instead of a fish tank as we don't really have a track record with fish. The last time we had a fish, my mum cleaned out its tank using bleach which needless to say......ended badly. This is the kind of thing we are looking for....

Random but pretty relaxing to watch.....Yay!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Marble Nails

This is a wicked new technique of nail painting that my lovely housemate Jen introduced me to. Its pretty good for people who struggle to paint their nails (i bite mine so there isnt really much to paint) but i hate not wearing nail varnish. Anywhoo, yer so you get a little dish or bowl and fill it with water, then you just drop in the various colours that you want and dip your fingers into the bowl. You then have to get a cotton bud or some tissue and wipe off the excess paint from your fingers but the end result is pretty fun. These are some pics of what it can look like......

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Elinor Voytal is amazing

Elinor is an amazing jewellery designer who's work first caught my eye when it was in the window of a small jewellery shop on Upper Street near Islington tube station. I used to walk past it every morning on my way to work (when i was working at Palette) and i would always stop and just marvel at the beautiful pieces. Then, i went to a random arts fair in London and there it was again....i think it may be a sign. Anyways, here is a little bit about the designer herself:

Elinor Voytal graduated from Bucks University with a first class degree in knitted textiles.  Whilst at Bucks she received a commendation from the Bradford Textile Society and went on to receive a great deal of interest in her graduate collection of statement jewellery pieces made using machine knitting techniques and intricate embellishment.
Her designs are inspired by the fusion of hard metal and crystal elements into the soft, delicate and luxurious structures of machine knitted silk and viscose. She is interested in the way the embedding of metal findings or embellishment of Swarovski crystals changes the feel and weight of the fabric. The colourway for her graduate collection was taken from pixelised manipulations of her own photographs and she continues to use photography as inspiration.

Here are some images of her work: