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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Books, Books, Books.....

Although i have spent about one million pounds over the last few weeks on printing and photocopying, i don't seem to be able to stop buying books, it started as i began looking for inspiration on layouts and typography etc and i just can't seem to stop. It's all different types of books, coffee table books to be precise. Shame i don't have a coffee table.

The first one which i got was a while ago and it seems to have gotten a lot of hype recently. It really inspired my Uni project early on with ideas for interiors and also going back to the whole layout thing...I got it from London and read it all the way back to Birmingham on the bus, even though it did make me feel a bit travel sick.

Here are some images from the inside of the's called 'The Selby is in your place'

by Todd Selby.

Its amazing for layout ideas and also the handwriting in it is really nice and personal, he has written questionnaires for each person that he visited in the book. Each person is from a completely different background so the book is really diverse and interesting. He has also added small illustrations which add charm and character to this already uniquely beautiful book.

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