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Saturday, 3 September 2011

She moves the furniture.

I was looking for furniture and interior design inspiration the other day and found this awesome blog, it is a really creative collection of examples of how to develop a really unique and fun interior for the home. It includes ideas such as using outdoor furniture inside, using random objects as pieces of furniture and also restoring odd pieces of furniture into something new and exciting! I feel so old now that things like furniture and wallpaper are so fascinating to me but i guess that's all part of becoming a grown-up. It also comes down to the fact that me and Georgia are looking to move into our new pad in a few weeks and we have, so far, 2 chairs, 4 glasses, 2 mugs, about 30 books and 2 bunnies. We need to get onto the furniture ladder but since we are both skint and don't have much time, it seems that ikea is calling but i really want to try to avoid that inevitability for as long as possible and get some really interesting pieces when we can. The idea of using an old industrial spool as a table got me really excited and as they're pretty easy to find at most warehouses and are pretty much rubbish, this should be an easy and cheap addition to our new home.
Here are some examples of really beautiful ideas and design work:

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