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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Elinor Voytal is amazing

Elinor is an amazing jewellery designer who's work first caught my eye when it was in the window of a small jewellery shop on Upper Street near Islington tube station. I used to walk past it every morning on my way to work (when i was working at Palette) and i would always stop and just marvel at the beautiful pieces. Then, i went to a random arts fair in London and there it was again....i think it may be a sign. Anyways, here is a little bit about the designer herself:

Elinor Voytal graduated from Bucks University with a first class degree in knitted textiles.  Whilst at Bucks she received a commendation from the Bradford Textile Society and went on to receive a great deal of interest in her graduate collection of statement jewellery pieces made using machine knitting techniques and intricate embellishment.
Her designs are inspired by the fusion of hard metal and crystal elements into the soft, delicate and luxurious structures of machine knitted silk and viscose. She is interested in the way the embedding of metal findings or embellishment of Swarovski crystals changes the feel and weight of the fabric. The colourway for her graduate collection was taken from pixelised manipulations of her own photographs and she continues to use photography as inspiration.

Here are some images of her work:


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