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Tuesday, 6 December 2011


At this time of year, I get a bit sad and depressing so to make me feel better I try to bring the summer's all about chair colour inspired by all the colours of the rainbow, note that brown, black and blonde don't really fall into that category!
Shopping in the hippy shops in Brighton, I stumbled upon this little's semi permanent so it washes out and fades after a few days but the more it washes out, the more the colour merges with your natural hair colour and in my humble opinion it just gets better and better!

I went for the pastel pink, cause i've been reallly wanting that grey kind of pink for ages and was also worried about the whole warm pink going a bit ginge but it still went a peachy colour but it's amazing!! The more I washed it the nicer the colour went so I really could not rave about this anymore....sad as I sound, it's a frickin steal as well at around a fiver a pot you can mismatch to your hearts play play! 

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