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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The beginning...

Well hello there...we are two sisters; Georgia and Josie and have decided to start this blog. It has taken a lot longer than it should have but here we are. Georgia is 23 and has recently graduated from the University of Brighton studying printed textile design and I'm Josie, 21 and currently studying fashion design at Birmingham City Uni. We have really similar tastes as far as fashion, art, design etc goes and the end goal is to hopefully start our own fashion/interiors boutique in the heart of Brighton. So, this blog will become the story of how it all begins and hopefully transpires into some sort of career for us. Other exciting news is that we just hopped on the property ladder, having just bought a small, charming flat in between Brighton and Hove which should provide the perfect starting platform for all of this fun and excitement!

Between us we have a ridiculous amount of clothes and random other items and accessories. We are both quite creative people and think that the most important thing is to offer something new and a bit different. This blog will hopefully become a massive moodboard of inspiration for all of the creative and fun things that we find along the way that is our lives.....thanks for listening. Also, bear with us because this whole computer blogging thing is a bit more confusing than we expected so we may be a little slow to start!

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