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Friday, 18 March 2011


Considering that we have just purchased our new beautiful flat in the crazy, sunny Brighton it has become impossible to no become obsessed with furniture and it all seems to be of an industrial meets the 60s kind of vibe. That is how you know that you're becoming an adult...when the idea of a table or set of chairs excites you! Ha. So me and Georgia have this solution to the fact that we are skint we thought, lets buy one item a month and pay half each. This was a great idea although we havn't got past December (the first month). Still though we got some pretty cool chairs off ebay and we also managed to haggle the guy down quite a bit! Two of these refurbished chairs mark the beginning of a beautiful journey...

As far as January goes we have seen a rather amazing massssive lava lamp which would look splendid in our flat. We are definitely doing this the wrong way round though...not a table, bed or sofa in sight! we will post a picture of the lava lamp when we come to a choice of colour, thinking purple and orange though.

This Hollywood floor lamp from M&S of all places is definitely going to be February's piece...still need to let Georgia in on that little detail though!

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