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Monday, 28 March 2011

Square Eyes

It's been a while...this project seems to be getting the better of me. Never done so much research in my life, i swear my eyes are about to turn into squares i have been staring at computer screens and books for so long. Right so, for my project at the moment i am looking at really amazing shops and displays. Focusing on visual merchandising, branding and basically just really original techniques and quirky little shops. I have found hundreds which are really inspiring, so i thought i would display some of the best here;

Maison Martin Margiela in Tokyo has adopted some amazing display techniques, i love the changing rooms and the way in which they have stuck to such a strict and minimal colour palette and style. It looks really modern and fresh, combining the industrial and clinical feel with old objects and accessories.

Another store which i thought looked amazing and makes me want to visit straight away is called Hurwundeki, i saw it in the Time Out book of the best shops in London. The shop is set out in a really interesting way where everything is a bit miss match but it still seems to look really sophisticated and inviting!

Another shop which i absoloutely love alot is Palette in London, not only down to the fact that i worked there shortly during my placement and met the wonderful owner Marco Ellis, but also because of the way in which the vintage garments are all of such a high quality and they are mixed in with some amazing, innovative and very Modern newer more contemporary designers such as Avsh Alom Gur and Anna Aichinger. They also are so knowledgeable when it comes to sharing information about the garments and accessories and provide helpful and honest personal styling advice.

The shop itself is just off the main road (Upper Street) between Angel and Islington tube stations and is one of those small but perfectly formed gems of a shop which are becoming increasingly harder to find.

Finally, here is a shop that makes me want to drive down to London right now and break in...ha. Its in Hoxton/Old street area and it's called Paper Dress. The interior is really lovely and friendly, it doesn't look like one of those shops that you walk into and immediately feel like you shouldn't be there. It isn't pretentious or intimidating and it doesn't hurt that there is a coffee shop in there too so the boyfriend can get distracted with all the cake and biscuits....= more time to shop. Perfect.

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