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Thursday, 26 May 2011

More beautiful textiles...

I have been looking through the Brighton Uni website at all of the work from last years graduates. There is some really inspiring work and this designer Olga Morawski has designed an absolutely stunning collection. The colours and prints are so bold and modern, they have a really refreshing and exciting feel to them. I love the technique that she has used for applying the colours to the fabric.

Here is a bit more about her collection:

Latent Life of the Deep
My interests lie in the development of a concept into an outcome that may be coherently read by those who view it. In addition to a keen awareness of visual presentation and curation, other passions include analytical and critical writing, as well as practical application of knowledge in photography, fashion and textiles. Enjoyment of travel and languages are other particular favourites.

and here are some examples of her work:

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