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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Zadie photoshoot video take 2

This is the finished version of that video that i added the other day, the logo has been added and some of the lighting and timing has been amended. I love it! It is so fun and so true to what this type of thing is about. It was filmed in the photo studio and generally all over the uni (BCU). I am the one in the yellowy shirt with the jeans, trying to look like i know what i am doing!! There were lots of people involved from the photographer Lee Potter (who i found on gumtree). To Sarah Nickolds, who helped me with the props and styling, as well as some of the designers....namely Fiona Perkins (the one with the fringe) ha. goes!! I hope you like it (if anyone is reading this) ha.

HouseOfBricks_AfterEffectsEdit from Amy Stewart on Vimeo.

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