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Friday, 1 April 2011

what....Tourist Magazine?

I had never heard of this magazine before today but as soon as i went on it i got pretty excited! For some reason, i don't know whether i am ridiculously stingy and poor or what but although i got one of those Diana F cameras for Christmas i still can't stop buying those buy one get one free disposable jobbies from Boots. So the fact that this magazine does this thing where it send out disposable cameras to random photographers and then posts what they get back made me really excited and slightly envious. I think that it's just an online magazine, i tried to look through the archives but i am pretty sure it's quite new. So i began looking through these photos and found some amazing and beautiful photography:

Photography / The Free Camera Project


The Free Camera Project, curated by Seren Adams is a project brought to you by TOURIST magazine where we send disposable cameras around the world to people we find interesting and wait with excitement on the result. This is the sixth camera to come back home featuring Margaret Durow from Wisconsin
Here are a few of the results...

What a lovely story.

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