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Thursday, 14 April 2011

And here we have....

some original artwork Sorry that was probably a massive anticlimax! I just thought, if i am going to keep blogging about other people's work, i should probably put up some examples of my work just to give a little taster of what it is i like to do and how i work.

So, here is a trend project that i did about 3 months ago, it was really fun. We basically had to create a 3o page sketchbook which created a sort of trend/mood of what we predict is going to become big in the future.We then had to do an 8 page styling shoot or an 8 page illustration spread aimed at a magazine of our choice. I chose to do illustrations on top of some amazing images which my friend Mel took on a disposable camera last year at Bestival (everyone should go because it is amazing). Anyway, yer here is how the project went;

Trend Book

So, this was my trend. It was about having fun and not taking things too seriously. I also mixed in a bit of slightly sinister imagery which was mainly brought about by the Jil Sander advertising images of the model and the animal skulls. Jil Sander is without a doubt, my favourite designer so...i really wanted to use some of this imagery in my work as i find it really inspiring and just beautiful to look at. i also wanted to include some work buy some of my favourite photographers; Corinne Day and Wendy Bevan.

Final Illustrations:

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