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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Creativity at its finest.

Amy Stewart is a very good friend of mine who is studying Visual communication at London College of Communication. We lived together for a year in an absolute shoe box of a flat in south Wimbledon when we were doing our Art Foundation. We seem to have come along way since then, thank god, and still we seem to be working together and collaborating with each other. Amy is working on the logo and creative branding strategies for the 'House of Bricks' concept. We are both in strong agreement that the way in which we go about branding the boutique has to be slightly crazy and a bit out there, it seems if there is anywhere that you can get away with this type of thing, Brighton is the place to do it! Soooo we are looking into all different ideas about the typography, the way in which branding can work and is evolving at the moment through different methods of advertising and different branding strategies. It all sounds a bit scary and difficult to me which is why Amy is a very welcome and very much appreciated addition to the table.
She has already come up with some awesome ideas and we are trying to marry both of our opinions together to come up with something a bit weird and wonderful that still portrays the ambiance and purpose of the boutique. Here is some of the work that she has sent me so far on ideas for the store;

She also sent me a short interview so that she could fully understand how me and Georgia imagine and aspire for the shop to be:

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