House of Bricks

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Inside the House of Bricks

Soooo...for part of my uni project i am designing the 3d images of how me and Georgia wasnt the boutique to look. It will be quite a miss match of old industrial furniture mixed with old vintage art deco pieces, vintage fashion, contemporary designers work etc.... Therefore, the space has to be quite changeable and able to adapt to different looks and trends. this is why i have designed the basic interior of the store (walls, floor) to be very simple in order to act as a blank canvas. The stock rotation will be quite quick and unpredictable as absolutely everything in the store will be for sale! Ok so, here are some collaged examples of how we imagine the shop to look and what we are aspiring towards:

It's probably going to be a few years yet but at least we have some ideas to work towards....scary stuff though!

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