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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Illustrations for cheats.

I had a project last year which was super fun! i have never been a natural at illustrations, well, i can never just sit down and draw and have it look amazing and fashiony, it is one of those things which you are born with, well to some extent you can get better with time but some people just know how to do it and i wish i was one of them!
So, when it cam to learning how to create these images using vector and drawn illustrations on adobe photoshop and illustrator, i was really interested and a bit excited! At first i really struggled because i am really impatient and sometimes computers hate me.
We had to pick a photoshoot which we really liked, so i chose one out of Vogue in 2008 which i had seen like 2 years before and really wanted to use at some point. It's called Light and Fantastic and i really liked the minimal background and the use of colours and fabrics.

So, I started off with this fashion editorial;

From these images, we were told to start creating illustrations using adobe photoshop and illustrator and then we were to design the backdrop to display them. I really wanted to focus mainly on the colours of the shoot as i find them really fun and vibrant.
These are the images that i ended up with;

I love the way in which the outfits were styled are think that in some of the poses there are definate elements of fun and humour. i really wanted to capture this when i came to creating the backdrop for the illustrations and wanted to keep the colour as well. the project was to have a theme running through and so i chose to use a sort of holiday theme to go with the bright colours and summery theme accented by the use of swimming hats and diving board.

These are the final developed pieces that i created:

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