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Friday, 29 April 2011

What's in the wardrobe?

I am doing another photoshoot tomorrow and....i have been going through the clothes that i seem to have collected from different places and people. I am starting to put looks together in my head so that i kind of know what styling i am going for. My friend Rosie i acting as the photographer and Ifrah, her friend is kindly taking on the role of 'model.' It is supposed to be a lovely sunny day, so we are going to head down to Digbeth and use some of those beautiful old walls that i went and visited last week as the location. It is gonna be a really fun and carefree shoot, we are just driving around in rosie's car and using that as our dressing room so it really better be sunny otherwise the shoot is off. Fingers crossed!
I haven't done any illustrations for a while so i thought...why not start drawing some of the clothes that i definitely want to use tomorrow and then go from there.
All of the garments are going to be vintage and so yep, here is a little taster....

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