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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Contemporary innovation

For my photoshoot coming up, i have decided that i want to combine a mixture of vintage garments with contemporary designs that have been created by fresh, new, emerging talents from within Fashion Design. So, i thought, where better to look for these young new designers than upstairs at Uni. Some of my friends do design and had created garments which i thought would work perfectly with the look that i am imagining for the the are!

Miss Fiona Perkins

Fiona's collection combines sporty, basic pieces with softer, feminine prints and fabrics. Her garments have a neutral colour palette with interesting volume and shapes. It is inspires by contrasting styles of dance. She has combined the femininity of ballet with the more uniform and masculine style of street-dance. This collaboration of different trends has created a collection with amazing silhouettes and beautifully layered textures.


Miss Jennifer Glenton

Jen's collection uses wools and chunky knits. She has combined a light feminine colour palette with structured silhouettes and armour-like shapes. Her concept began by looking at old buildings and, in particular, the infrastructure and floor plans. It is strongly influenced by architectual plans and blue-print style technical drawings.

Miss Charlotte Haldane

Charlotte's collection uses amazing organic prints using neutral colours with random accents of acid tones. The collection is inspired by the film 'perfume' and the idea that we all as humans change and adapt to different social environments. The concept that we naturally tend to adopt a slightly different persona depending on the company.


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