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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Photographic connoisseur.....Rachel Dunning

For the Magazine style book which i am creating for my final Uni project, I decided to take a leaf out of 'Tourist Magazine's' book and send off a disposable camera to a young emerging talent in the photography field. I came across aspiring photographer Rachel Dunning through a friend of mine and as soon as i saw her work, i thought that she would be perfect for the zine. Her photography is fun and creative and as she is an innovative, young artist i decided that her work would fit perfectly into the vibe and style of my work. She plays around with colours, compositions and layouts and works alot with disposable cameras. I also think that she is an interesting person who can bring a really unique, honest and humorous fun to the project through her photographs. I have sent Rachel a disposable camera and asked that she creates a visual diary with the images in the hope that they will create a sort of narrative when displayed. fingers crossed!

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