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Friday, 8 April 2011

Illustration frustration.

I have been on a rather hectic search for young emerging talents in the illustration business. I managed to find the Brighton Uni website where i trawled through all of the amazing work of the current students. I found a few illustrators who i thought would be perfect the magazine. It is really important to me that the work which we sell comes from the Brighton area as i really want the boutique to promote local creativity.

Here is one of the illustrators that i found and some examples of her work:

Megan Turner-Jones

These are photographs of out and about in Brighton, i really like the eerie nostalgic feel that the images have and also the fact that Brighton is the subject, it fits in well with the 'House of Bricks' concept.

I love these collages mixing illustration and different textures and colours with photographs. The images seem to tell a sort of narrative which i find really charming and interesting.

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