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Monday, 18 April 2011


sooooo... for my Uni project i have already said a thousand times but...i am creating a magazine and so i thought, what successful fashiony publication doesn't have styling shoots and then i realised that of course i had to do some and also i thought it would be super fun! So...along with the help of aspiring fashion photographer Lee Potter, lovely assistant stylist Sarah Nickolds and my beautiful but ever modest housemate Zadie Snape (yer, that's in Harry Potter..pah. enough.)
Soo, yep i booked a studio at Uni and grabbed loads of vintage garments from wherever i could get my hand on and headed for uni. The idea of the shoot was to mix vintage and contemporary fashion so i pooped upto see my friends who study Fashion Design and took some of their looks which they have been creating over the past few months (see previous post).
We then put some ideas for looks together and headed down to start the shoot. It was all a bit crazy and manic but really fun none the less, i seem to work better under a bit of pressure!
Soo, i also wanted to include some home accessories in with the styling of the shoot but wanted to have fun and combine all the different elements in a really silly, non-pretentious way aaaaannnnndddddd, this is what we ended up with!

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